4 thoughts on “Carvalhar.com – CSS website

  1. Brenna

    A simply stunning site, it looks to be simple but the use of light colors has increased the attraction of this site. This theme allows detail oriented presentation.I love the batches and testimonials displayed on the main page. I love the colour palette and the layout of this design.

  2. Rebeccavalencia

    I love the illustrative style of this site. I particularly like the restraint and absence of flair, it certainly draws your attention to the portfolio. It’s a fascinating concept that has to be experienced to be understood, I love everything about the design of this site.

  3. Jessica

    The design is quite original and attractive. It features a genuine layout and a great clean design aesthetic. The site is designed to describe the services in an awesome and eye-catching style. I like the fact that it’s all clear and you don’t use yourself to find the content you need. Great background theme too!


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