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8 famous design & development blogs

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If you come on a blog with a specific emotion, you may like it best if it caters you with the apt ambience. I’ve scrounged the web to enlist twelve blogs that strike you with such effects as the chill, thundering, or sometimes the freshness of the morning sun. The links below sport the aura of dynamic weather conditions.

Feel the chill, thunder or the sootheness. Lets Go.

1. Smashingmagazine

Sunshine on a snowy day glows the Smashing Magazine


2. Net Tutsplus

It’s tedious and humid at the Nettuts.


3. Noupe

Heavy showers on the Noupe.


4. Speckyboy

Speckyboy seems silent before the storm.


5. Tutorialzine

The Tutorialzine is struck by the deep dark total eclipse.


6. Web Designer Depot

Scorching summers set in the webdesignerdepot.


7. Sixrevisions

Sixrevesions seems to be surrounded by atomic dust.


8. Queness

Dark fog all around and Rainbow on queness.


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