How to create beautiful buttons with background images

Buttons are a common feature on most webpages. Every web developer will have to use buttons at some point. There is only one challenge with buttons – their default look is often uninspiring. Another challenge with the buttons’ default look is that it is platform-dependent. On a Mac, it will look slightly different than on… Read More »

How to change text color on hover

A simple beginner’s tip today – changing text color on hover. Experts would think it is so silly to explain such basics. Just count it was inspired from tutorials like this one explaining there is no HTML text color tag. Now, to the tutorial: Use the CSS :hover selector. When the mouse is over the… Read More »

Best creative writing tips

 Creative writing is about using your imagination and coming up with write ups that people find entertaining. Examples of creative writing include fictional stories, non-fictional stories, novels, short stories, poetry and plays. Creative writing is practised to entertain people instead of educating them. Many writers struggle with creative writing when they suffer from writer’s block.… Read More »

Tips for Coding and Designing Usable Web Forms

Web form has emerged out as one of the most widely discussed aspects of web designing for over a decade now. It is a multifunctional application that can be used for numerous purposes ranging from registration and subscription to online purchases. Though, creating a simple web form in HTML is quite simple and easy but… Read More »

A Showcase of Inspiring Poster Design Tutorials

Posters are excellent for promos advertisements or just to display your creativity. One of the easiest way of creating awesome poster designs is through Photoshop.If you are looking for design ideas for your next poster project or to simply hone your image editing skills, these tutorials will definitely help. Design the Pirates of the Caribbean… Read More » – CSS website Graphic designer Carlos Carvalhar’s portfolio. Credits: Carlos Carvalhar (twitter, vimeo flickr ) Location: São Paulo, Brazil

silkeight – CSS Gallery

Design, Illustration & Art Direction silkeight™ creates quality, strategic, commercial art derived from developing beautiful, memorable and visually experiential work. Credits: Stefan Trifan

How to Convert a Photo to a Painting in Photoshop

Hello there! You have probably wanted to have a painting of someone. Well, a traditional painting can be quite expensive and time consuming. However, with Photoshop, you can have a photo converted into a painting in no time at all. This is quite simple and in the next few sections, we will take a look… Read More »

CSS hand cursor snippet

This is a quick reference snippet for showing Hand cursor. Hand cursor is ideal for indicating a “clickable” element. For Example: